Enabling Mass Market Fingerprinting

Turning fingerprint based authentication into a true mass market application is about being able to keep both security and convenience at high levels and still be both format applicable, fast and low cost...

Security & Convenience

Security and convenience are by laws of nature opposite forces.  Compromises made on key quality parameters like sensor format and size will reduce the level of security, convenience or both.

Format Applicability 

Many of today's mass market applications demand sensor formats that will fit in small systems (Smartphones, USB Tokens, Key Fobs, etc.).   NEXT sensor modules can be made in ultra thin formats and on customizable FPCs to fit limited space requirements. 

Low Cost 

Most potential high volume fingerprint sensor markets do not have margins or customer value propositions to sustain the price levels offered by present quality sensor suppliers.  Within applications like smartphones, tablets, PC’s, flash drives and most USB tokens, the total addition to the device manufacturer BOM needs to be extemely low.'

NEXT modules meet the pricing requirements of all major present and targeted applications.