Automotive Applications

Combining quality and cost for luxury and mid-level automobile markets.

Value Propositions

The NEXT sensor is hard coated and designed to meet auto industry requirements. It is not affected by mechanical stress, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), chemicals or changing environmental conditions and is small enough to fit into a car key. The large, flat area sensor ensures intuitive and reliable operation.

The NEXT embedded module includes a powerful chip for embedded processing and identifies the driver in less than 1 second. Besides authorization to open and drive the car, this may support different user profiles for various customization options (like adjustments to seat, mirror, air conditioning and audio settings).

NEXT sensors are natively anti-theft: it is far easier to lose keys to a thief than a fingerprint.

The system cost for the NEXT embedded module is low.

Top 5 Keys to Mass Market Success

  1. Durability of sensor (satisfy automotive standard)
  2. Size of sensor active area (intuitive and tolerant touch sensor - 201 mm2)
  3. Quality of embedded algorithm (accurate and fast authentication)
  4. Good ergonomic design (consistent quality placement of finger)
  5. Low energy consumption (suitable for battery device)

NEXT Distribution Strategy and Deliverables

NEXT will partner with leading component suppliers to the automotive industry. These partners will receive a significant, market-expanding advantage over the competition with the cost-efficient NEXT embedded module.

NEXT will offer its partners the following products and services:

  • The relevant modules :
  • An API for fingerprint authentication functions
  • Access to a partner network (for hardware integration and production)