Corporate Access Tokens

Corporate Identity Management taken to the NEXT level

Value Propositions

Professional Identity Management requires two-factor authentication with hardware security. A smartcard, USB token, or comparable device is indispensable. Corporations with critical operational data and valuable IP rely on portable security devices to protect their assets. 

The weakest link today for both security and convenience is the user's password. Users are tired of having to remember multiple passwords and repeated entries of these. As a result they choose insecure passwords or even store them in easy to find locations. Considering how passwords and PIN codes are used today, they can easily be spied out or handed over.

Furthermore, the cost of password management per employee is significant. 

The NEXT sensor format brings intuitive and convenient biometric user authentication at a cost acceptable to this segment.

Top 5 Keys to Mass Market Success

  1. Size of sensor active area (intuitive and tolerant touch sensor)
  2. Sensor overall dimensions (fit into a portable device)
  3. Hardware security integration (reliable embedded algorithm with Match-on-Card capability)
  4. Cost efficiency (total cost of ownership competitive with password-protected tokens)
  5. Defined processes and training (token and user management) 


NEXT Distribution Strategy and Deliverables

NEXT will partner with leading world corporate access system integrators. Adding low cost, convenient and secure biometrics to their high end products will add to competitiveness in a market segment with significant volume potential.

NEXT offers its partners the following products and services :

  • The relevant modules :
  • Embedded algorithm and chipset 
  • Support and advice on hardware integration
  • System level integration support