Flash Drives

For the first time in the history of biometrics, a fingerprint sensor now meets the cost requirements of mass market flash drives without sacrificing security or convenience.

Value Propositions

A flash drive (memory stick) is easily forgotten, stolen or lost.  The small format combined with the potential high content value of its files is often an issue.

Security focused organizations have banned (or should ban) employee usage of such devices when the content may be of a critical nature.

Previous attempts at reducing this risk by integrating fingerprint sensors in flash drives have failed because of poor performance (silicon swipe sensors) or excessive costs (silicon area sensors).

The NEXT sensor format adds user convenience in a way that ensures user acceptance and usage.

Top 5 Keys to Mass Market Success 

Fingerprint flash drive user convenience, security level and overall value (for decision makers and users) will primarily be determined by:

  1. Sensor size (min size = 148 mm2 active area)
  2. System cost (overall cost compatible with end user acceptance levels)
  3. Sensor image quality (min 320 dpi, low level of distortion, 256 grey scale levels)
  4. Quality of algorithm
  5. Ergonomic design (a physical frame guiding easy and uniform finger placement)

NEXT Distribution Strategy and Deliverables

NEXT will partner with leading world manufacturers and distributors of flash drives. Adding low cost, convenient and secure biometrics to their high end products will provide access to a market segment with significant volume potential.

NEXT offers its partners the following products and services:

  • The relevant modules :
  • Support and advice on hardware integration
  • A NEXT Certified Partner Algorithm (matching the processing power available)
  • System level integration support