The NEXT generation of quality USB sensors

Value Propositions

The compact NEXT sensor module comes with an on-board USB interface, enabling seamless integration for a variety of USB peripherals. A wide range of host platform drivers (including Windows, Mac OS and Android) is available.

Most currently available USB sensors are either expensive, bulky and/or of low quality. The NEXT differentiator is making this technology available at a competitive cost even for moderate volumes. The large area sensor format in combination with high quality algorithms grants accurate, fast and reliable fingerprint authentication. The shorter profile of the module allows an elegant and ergonomic desktop design. 

Top 5 Keys to Mass Market Success

  1. Size of sensor active area (intuitive and tolerant touch sensor)
  2. Quality of algorithm (accurate and fast authentication)
  3. Good ergonomic design (allows consistent placement of finger) 
  4. Cost efficiency (fingerprint solution adds little to device cost)
  5. Platform integration (support of host OS and easy installation)

NEXT Distribution Strategy and Deliverables

NEXT will partner with manufacturers and vendors of USB sensors. This cost-efficient area sensor enables partners to create competitive products for biometric user authentication. 

NEXT will offer its partners the following products and services:

  • The relevant modules :
    The NB-3023-U2
  • High quality algorithm and platform SDK
  • USB sensor reference design 
  • Access to partner network (for hardware and system integration)