Uniquely positioned to offer both convenience and security at smartphone-market acceptable pricing.

Value propositions

NEXT’s fast and easy "touch start-up" smartphone capability offers significant convenience value for any heavy end user. The NEXT approach to smartphone integration does not only enable quick access to the phone – it increases user convenience by facilitating:

  • "Out-of-pocket" - authentication
  • "In the dark" - usage
  • "On approach, - one-handed operation

Additionally, and, just as importantly, NEXT sensor sizes suit a wide range of high value, security-focused applications (both corporate and end user level). These include...

  • NFC payments
  • Corporate access control
  • Smart home management
  • Secure data storage
  • Cloud access
  • and more....

NEXT offers a turnkey solution with a comprehensive Android SDK (other OS platforms are in development). The NEXT flexible sensor module has been optimized for smarthone use cases and can be customized to fit the mechanical design of the handset. 



Top 5 Keys to Mass Market Success

1. High quality sensor (large image - min 148 mm2)
2. Cost efficiency (satisfies low component price)
3. Small package design (fits into smartphone)
4. Strong algorithm (fault tolerant, no-compromise processing in less than 1 sec)
5. Robustness (endures challenging mechanical stress and environmental conditions)

NEXT Distribution Strategy and Deliverables

NEXT will partner with leading smartphone players and OEM handset manufacturers.

NEXT offers its partners the following products and services:

  • The relevant modules :
    The NB-2010-S
    Customized Modules
  • High quality algorithm and comprehensive SDK for OS integration
  • Support and advice on hardware integration
  • System-level integration advice and support