Trustworthy transactions and convenient unlocking for networked devices

Value Propositions

In a networked world, the continued use of PINs and pass codes can no longer be justified considering the deficiencies in security and convenience. The NEXT sensor offers an easy-to-integrate and affordable authentication method. 

Top 5 Keys to Mass Market Success

  1. Size of sensor active area (intuitive and tolerant touch sensor)
  2. Sensor thickness (to fit into a flat tablet form factor)
  3. Cost efficiency (the sensor system adds little to the overall tablet cost)
  4. Quality of algorithm (reliable authentication in less than 1 second) and
  5. Good ergonomic design (backside integration with frame for easy, uniform access


NEXT Distribution Strategy and Deliverables

NEXT will approach manufacturers targeting unique competitive advantages over competitors using tiny area sensors. NEXT will supply sensor solution compatible with payments, corporate access and cloud access applications.

In order to support its partners, NEXT will offer the following products and services: