Card Readers

Reliable and affordable fingerprint authentication for card applications

Value Propositions

Smart card applications typically require a combination of security and convenience that disqualifies any swipe or small area sensor. Manufacturers therefore always choose the biggest and most expensive silicon area sensors in the market.

The NEXT sensor module offers a large area at a competitive cost even for moderate volumes. The sensor cost will no longer make up half of the total cost, enabling competitive and profitable readers.

An optional chip for embedded processing is available as well as support for on-card biometric comparison. 

Top 5 Keys to Mass Market Success 

The following criteria are essential for creating a competitive card reader:

  1. Sensor size (min size = 148 mm2) active area
  2. Sensor image quality (min 320 dpi, low level of distortion, 256 grey scale levels)
  3. System costs (in which silicon area sensors constitute a significant %) 
  4. Quality of algorithm (accurate identification in less than 1 second)
  5. Ergonomic design (a physical frame guiding easy and uniform finger placement)

NEXT Distribution Strategy and Deliverables

NEXT will partner with leading systems manufacturers and integrators worldwide. A significant reduction in cost will improve margins, and competitiveness, and potentially increase the size of the market.

NEXT will support its partners by offering the following products and services:

  • The relevant modules :
  • Support and advice on hardware integration (when needed)
  • NEXT-Certified Partner Algorithm (when needed)
  • System level integration support