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NEXT Biometrics is one of only three World players with a TIER 1 design win

In the fast-growing fingerprint authentication industry, there are to date only three players * that has secured a TIER 1 design win. NEXT Biometrics announced a first such design win in November of last year. Deliveries will start in second half of 2015. (* not counting Apple Inc).

The agreement was a result of 12 months of intense evaluation and scrutiny by the TIER 1 player. NEXT Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm-Idsøe comments, ”We see this design win as a result of NEXT being the first producer to offer a high level of security and convenience at a cost level that is required for mass markets.”

Etholm-Idsøe also believes that other factors contributed to the win. ”Our partner sees that we have a highly scaleable production process, and that we have a very strong IP position. The patents describing the NEXT Active Thermal Principle differs widely from the capacitive technologies in the market. NEXT owns and controls the Active Thermal Principle, and this means that there is little risk of patent infringements.”

The company sees a structural mismatch between supply and demand in the coming years, as increasing demand for fingerprint sensor solutions from major industries will continue to outgrow supply.

This is underlined by the close to 150 customer leads and sales processes that the company is actively pursuing as of late February 2015.