NB-0610-S2 chipset is a flexible sensor chipset. It consists of two components: the NEXT Biometrics fingerprint area sensor NB-S620-P2 on a flexible substrate plus NB-A510-S Data Capture ASIC.



NB-0610-S2 is based on the patented NEXT Active Thermal™ principle. The ASIC converts the sensor data into a digital output image. The NB-0610-S2 is designed for integration into fully flexible, ISO/IEC 7810:2003 ID-1 compliant smart cards. Cards with NB-0610-S2 chipset can survive dynamic and torsional bending as per ISO/IEC 10373-1:2006.

A large area sensor format is an absolute requirement for biometric smart cards targeting both security and convenience for its users. Biometric smart cards do not have on-card PIN entry, so a fallback authentication option may not be available. With an active area of just over 200 mm², the NB-0620-S conveniently exceeds the requirement of 169 mm² specified in ISO/IEC 17839-2: 2015 (Biometric System-on-Card: physical characteristics).

The large sensor format allows to reliably overcome real life complexities like low feature density fingers, skewed finger placements, worn fingers, damaged fingers, dirty, dry, and wet fingers. The large sensor format facilitates consistent and correct finger placement even among ”problem users”.

NB-0610-S2 is available for select customers in high volumes. Integration support is included. Available from third quarter, 2017.  



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