Strong Intellectual Property

The Company’s own patented sensor principle is the only known fingerprint sensor technology that has proven able to meet all mass market technical and commercial requirements using the LTPS production process.


The technology inventor Mr Ngoc Minh Dinh submitted his first patent application in April 1996.   This patent describes the core Active Thermal Sensing Principle and was first approved in the US in July, 2000.  Later a range of other countries followed.

Ownership of this key patent was transferred from the inventor to the Company in 2005. 

Since the Company was first financed properly in 2004, it has invested significantly in expansion of its patent portfolio.

In September 2005 a key patent describing the use of the Active Thermal Principle and its implementation into simple, robust pixels was submitted. Ownership of this patent was transferred from the inventor to the Company in 2008 and is now approved in a long range of key markets. This, and following patents as well as other trade secrets and know-how have become the basis for our polysilicon (LTPS) sensors used today. 

NEXT sensors are manufactured in high quality LTPS fabs.  These semiconductor production sites can only be found in Asia and they are all owned by major Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese display manufacturers. This structure, with only serious and credible players, decreases the probability of patent infringement by limiting the range of manufacturing facilities and distribution of the Company technology. 

Trade secrets

In addition to the patents described above, the Company has a number of trade secrets relating to sensor design, ASIC design, sensor coating and module systems. A number of elements well hidden in the accompanying NEXT Data Capture ASIC constitutes trade secrets that further build to a high level of technology defense.