The NEXT Advantage

The NEXT Active Thermal™ principle has a simple and robust implementation. This ensures a unique fit with the production processes of major high-end display fabs: Thin Film Semiconductor Technologies such as LTPS.

NEXT production cost is 70-80% LESS than the alternatives of the same quality.

Protected by a significant portfolio of approved patents and trade secrets, utilizing production lines used for manufacturing high-end displays, NEXT is able to market fingerprint sensors with high yield and high uniformity.

The Sensing Principle



NEXT Biometrics fingerprint sensor is based on patented NEXT Active Thermal™ sensing principle. The sensor measures heat conductivity. A low power heat pulse is applied to each sensor pixel over a short period of time and a response is measured. This response is different for pixels in proximity to a finger’s ridge or valley.

Our custom ASIC is capable of reading, processing and communicating these signals in a high quality image to the host system. All this is done in a short period of time and without the user feeling any heat.


The Production Process

The highly robust analog signal created by our sensors and the simplicity of our pixel designs allow for a unique fit with LTPS Thin Film Transistors and Devices (LTPS: Low Temperature Poly Silicon) process. NEXT now mass produces its sensors in the same production lines used for high-end displays in world brand name smartphones, tablets and PC’s.


Cost advantage of LTPS (polysilicon) production process

The use of polysilicon process allows for great cost efficiency.

Large-sized display glass sheet is used as a substrate material on which the actual polysilicon sensors are being deposited.

This greatly reduces the cost per area when compared to common semi-conductor processes used to manufacture traditional silicon fingerprint sensors.   


Flexible sensor opportunities

Another core advantage of the LTPS process is compatibility producing on flexible substrate as used e.g. in flexible displays.

NEXT has created a fully flexible sensor relying on the NEXT Active Thermal™ technology. It is designed to enable Biometric System-on-Card solutions compliant with ISO/IEC 17839.


Module Level Competitiveness

The NEXT product delivery formats are normally in modules consisting of the sensor, a small ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit ) and some miscellaneous components.  The sensor level competitiveness in combination with the NEXT ASIC allows for the manufacture of complete modules at a fraction of competition cost levels.

The NEXT ASIC includes high performance analog signal processing. The image from the active sensor area is processed by proprietary circuits and techniques developed through research. They are custom designed and specially targeted to our sensor and the production process.