Quality of Algorithm

Highly accurate and efficient fingerprint processing using world class algorithms designed to maximize use of the processing resources available in the application at hand...

A sports car is only as good as its driver on the track. This similarly holds true for professional fingerprint biometrics.

NEXT is dedicated to fingerprint sensor and module design. The company does not target competing in areas where other players are superior, including fingerprint algorithms.

Therefore, NEXT has established the "NEXT Certified Partner Program." The leading fingerprint algorithms are analyzed and strategic alliances made to cover the customer's needs with a high quality fingerprint algorithm.

NEXT certified algorithms are available for a variety of target platforms and system designs including the following:

  • high end: smartphone, pc, tablet with typically 1GHz+ processor running Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS
  • embedded: time & attendance, physical access control terminal, card reader or hardware design with similar specifications. Typically 100MHz+ processor
  • compact: System-on-Card, Key Fob, battery-powered device with typically 40-80MHz controller and limited storage capacity